About Softbank Team Japan

There are not only the US and British team to focus upon in the World Series this weekend, but also other entrants like Softbank Team Japan.

For this team it is a unique challenge to be a part of in a span of 15 years. With America’s Cup having come to Japan and Asia for the first time, this team definitely has a unique event to participate in. Kazuhiko Sofuku is the general manager and sailor of this team who has also sailed in previous events in Japan, but this time he feels that he would be representing his homeland that makes the event important.

He feels that the event is going to be a big one and he along with his team were excited to be part of it. The enthusiasm is also considerable among the fans as well as the media and the ticket sales have been incredible. He states that those who are coming out to see them and cheer them on would surely find excitement on the waters.

For the team it would certainly help to step up their performance levels. The team had sailed in a previous event in Chicago as well as at Portsmouth. They had won third place in both events as well as second place in Toulon. They are hopeful to improve their performance in this event and that should translate to better results. The practice races were held on Friday and Softbank Japan team won the first race in the practice rounds. There were four races that were conducted in light as well as in moderate weather conditions with the final race being designed as a substitute race. This race has been designed in case the weather conditions make it difficult for the final races to be completed.