The European Voyage Diaries

It was an ever long dream for Sue’s husband, Ed, to check-out the places which were an important part of what formed the western history. Being Americans and thinking of their forefathers, going classic, they opted sailing and voyaging from their shores.

It was during the year 2007 that the idea struck to the two that they should become explorers instead of the couch retirees. Hence they chose to live in different places than theirs and spent time exploring full time.

The medium which they used was the Catalac Catamaran which was built in England in 1987 and had a built of forty feet. This beauty had sailed proudly through the waters of the United States to London and similarly was supposed to reach the western part of the Mediterranean using the French canals which unfortunately happened to be six in smaller let the catamaran in. But the luck found them again; here they found themselves participating in the 30 days Europe Cruise Loop which was printed on a double page.

All this was not easy due to the amazing numbers of safety precautions that had to be taken and the endless number of permits which had to granted by various organizations and departments concerned.

Serbia happened to be the only country which charged for the Danube but their experiences were enriched considering how they made a memory of tossing a 3ft long snake into the river. That particular day they even had the crankshaft worn out, well now it’s not unexpected of a 20yr old medium which has served 8,000 hours.

Angel Louise, the boat had its first-time mast up after leaving the North Sea, at the Port Tomis after which they sailed for forty hours across the black sea. Again, after having reached Istanbul, they faced complex check-in formalities but they managed it all on their own. There on one of the suburbs, they got a replacement for the engine that had malfunctioned at the Danube. Then they motored right to Marmaris on the Turkish coast.