WS Invites Bids For 2018-2020 MRC

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World Sailing, the governing body of the world for sailing, has opened the process of bidding for its championship titled Youth and Women’s Match Racing World Championships.

The bidding is open for year 2018-2020, and also for the Nations Cup 2018.

Documents & guidelines of bid for both events can be seen here.

Youth Match Racing World Championship (YMRWC)

The Championship close together the best racer for youth matches from all over the world. This way championship acknowledges the skills of players and offers them a pathway to competition of adult match racing.

In 2014 Joachim Aschenbrenner from Denmark claimed the inaugural title. In the year 2015 Sam Gilmour from Australia claimed this title and in 2016 the title was claimed by Will Dargaville again from Australia.

Balboa Yacht Club will host the 2017 YMRWC edition. The place of the event will be at Newport Beach in California in USA. The event will start on 30 July and will conclude on 5 August 2017.

World Sailing has asked for bids for game edition of 2018, 2019 and 2020. The bid for the same should reach to S by following times & dates. (more…)

About Softbank Team Japan

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There are not only the US and British team to focus upon in the World Series this weekend, but also other entrants like Softbank Team Japan.

For this team it is a unique challenge to be a part of in a span of 15 years. With America’s Cup having come to Japan and Asia for the first time, this team definitely has a unique event to participate in. Kazuhiko Sofuku is the general manager and sailor of this team who has also sailed in previous events in Japan, but this time he feels that he would be representing his homeland that makes the event important.

He feels that the event is going to be a big one and he along with his team were excited to be part of it. The enthusiasm is also considerable among the fans as well as the media and the ticket sales have been incredible. He states that those who are coming out to see them and cheer them on would surely find excitement on the waters. (more…)

Australian Sailing Awards Winners 2016

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We have the winners for Australian Sailing Awards, 2016. Lisa Darmanin and Tom Burton, both Olympic medalists have walked away with the top honors. Australian Paralympic Sailing Team, which broke few records, also received awards at the ceremony.

Tom Burton had won the Laser Olympic Gold in Rio 2016. And at the award ceremony, he was given the award of Male Sailor of the Year. It was one of the most exciting games. He won the race by using tactical prowess. This was the sole Gold medal for Australia in 2016 games. (more…)

Unlikely Sailing Results At Rio

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At the beginning of the Olympics, the sailing events and these have been recently concluded. With the regattas being wrapped up, it is a good stage to sit back and review all the major events that took place.

The main mission for all teams has been a race for the medals. There have been a series of 10 or 12 races that have been concluded this week. Those who achieved top ten positions in every event advanced to double point races where there were no disqualifications. Every sailor team has prepared for these races for years and months and all that was put to test during the two weeks of the Olympic Games. The test has been to withstand the pressure and be able to triumph in the end.

Indeed, the sailing landscape was a challenge for most, with the changeable conditions almost akin to yacht chartering in the UK. The Pao de Acucuar course had its challenges and no one was completely prepared for the uncertain weather conditions and waters that were unruly and difficult to tame on the days of the tournaments. The challenges were unique around the island that lay in the opening of the bay into the ocean as well as around the Flamengo beach and even around the Sugarloaf Mountain that presented challenging wind conditions. (more…)

Viking Ship Recreated

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We have all read about Viking ships and the same is recreated even today in the related countries. For instance, the Great Lakes see this type of historic sailing vessels being recreated and the sailing resurrected of the earlier times.

Last month a Norwegian Viking ship was recreated meticulously and those who are history buffs were enamored by the experience in the US when the ship crossed the Atlantic. Many waited eagerly to see the vessel that was due to be part of the ship festivities that are held at the Great Lakes every summer. (more…)

RORC Transatlantic Race overall winner Nomad IV

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The French Pogo 1250 of Maurice Benzaquen – Aloha crossed the end-line of the 2015 RORC Transatlantic Race at twenty-two hours twenty-three minutes and seven seconds UTC on Sunday 13th December, 2015, to take the 2nd spot overall in IRC. After well over fifteen days at sea, the crew of 4 Bretons were only over 2 hours outside the overall lead following IRC time correction.

The Finot Conq 100 of Jean-Paul Riviere, Nomad IV will be given to the RORC Transatlantic Race Trophy. Maurice has sailed with the French sailor, Eric Tabarly as well as his 3 crew – Gwen Kerisit, David Alexandre and Philippe Foucher have all been captains for Tabarly. The 4-men have hundreds of thousands of sea race experience. However, they have never collaborated for an Atlantic crossing.

RORC Transatlantic Race

World Sailing to have new chief executive

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Peter Sowrey, who was earlier the director of business process outsourcing as well as sales for Accenture, was named by the International Sailing Federation as their chief executive on 1st July. The organization was later rebranded as World Sailing. And, after five months, he was gone.

Peter had replaced Jerome Pels, who gave his resignation back in October 2014 after seventeen years with Southampton based governing body, but that term finished on 2nd December. Earlier, following his departure, the World Sailing had stated that the Briton had chose to pursue other challenges suited to his background, but World Sailing President Carlo Croce limned that the governing bodys yearly meet held on 7th to 14th November, in the Chinese city Sanya had been a significant moment.

Croce told that there were doubts on both the sides that were showcased when they went to Sanya as the conference is really a difficult situation with several ongoing issues. In that moment, they both felt that it was really tough for someone who was not in this world, but was more used to a corporate environment, to deal with different issues that came on.

He added that they thought, at that time, that they might wait to see till the years end to see what can be done. But after just two days, Peter came and said what should he do and there they decided everything.

In the past, Peter Sowrey has worked for Ericsson and also gave advisory support to the 5 West team as well as Alex Thomson Racing.